Andy Dragazis

composer & music producer

Andy is a composer and producer based in London and some will know him as Blue States.  He has over 15 years of experience in the music industry as a multi-instrumentalist with a background in electronica, and his music draws from many influences, moving between electronic soundscapes and subtle organic orchestration.

His debut album under Blue States, ‘Nothing Changes Under The Sun’, received critical acclaim from critics and public alike. Blue States’ widescreen musical sound hinted at Andy’s affection for film score and his track ‘Season Song’ from his second album ‘Man Mountain’ was included in the soundtrack for ’28 Days Later’, Danny Boyle’s zombie horror. Andy has released a further five albums including the ‘Restless Spheres’  (2016), as well as remixing and producing a number of other artists.

As a child, Andy learned the piano and guitar but his interest in electronic music began to take over when he purchased his first sampler, opening his musical horizons. This encouraged him to study Music Technology at university, giving him the time, desire and skills to pursue a career in music. More recently, Andy completed a Masters in Film and TV Composing in 2011.



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